Between what you Value and your Victory is the Cross!

Hi, welcome to Value to Victory. I’m Shawn Decker, a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Coach.  I have done life, marriage, business and self-development coaching.  Over the last Two Decades, I have made it a priority to mentor both business professionals and the “Everyday Joes” to help them understand…to define…value and how they can apply the principle of value to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

We have been called to be both Kings and Priests in this life, and we should live our lives as such—ruling and reigning in authority over all our circumstances, instead of our circumstances ruling over us.

Through the use of proven business strategies and biblical principles I will help you to define your vision of success and then help you increase your success in the areas of:

  • business
  • relationships
  • your spiritual life
  • your personal life

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a magic wand that I can wave to “fix” all of your problems. It takes a commitment on your part to achieve success.




I have known Shawn Decker since 2007 and have been a witness to his diligence and ability to successfully complete tasks regardless of his opinion of the situation.  Shawn is dedicated to the calling on his life and faithful to his word. He was readily available during the hard time when my husband was ill, visiting him and encouraging his faith. I truly believe my husbands and my own life have been enriched from knowing Shawn. Shawn has talked often of the desire to follow God and I think he will be a strong and compassionate minister of the gospel.


January 05, 2018

By God's grace, I have been able to once again seize the opportunity to benefit from the proven coaching skills of long-time friend, Shawn Decker. It is he who in times past had been the driving factor in my realization of MY worth as a business professional. His coaching a few years ago challenged me to actually place a value on my time ($50-75/hour minimum) and to not feel guilty in charging for it when I consult with clients in my areas of expertise. I have not only earned $1000's more in income because of his coaching, but more importantly, my self-esteem/level of self-worth increased exponentially.

In December, I found myself in need of coaching again to break past some plateaus to assure measurable progress in 2018, and I'm excited to say that in just a couple weeks' time, I have already seen positive results in my thoughts and speech. You will rarely see outward changes until you make INNER changes. Sometimes the problem really is YOU. ?

Sandi Bird Aldridge

To whom it may concern,

I have known Shawn for several years now and what I know about him is, what you see is what you get. This is a good thing. He doesn't try to be something he is not he is very consistent, stable, level headed. Shawn is an entrepreneur with a heart for the things of God, an awesome combination. I think he knows what God has called him to do and his commitment, loyalty, and integrity are obvious to his church, business, and friends. Shawn has leadership qualities but doesn't mind jumping in to help out where needed and submitting to someone else's leadership. I think Shawn would be a huge asset to the Kingdom of God.

Mike Skeens
Mike Skeens Ministries

Shawn is a servant at heart. He wants to do his part to make the church function at it’s highest capacity. If an essential task for the church needs to be done and nobody is available, Shawn is the first to volunteer. If a critical area of service is vacant, Shawn will fill that position. If the area of service is beyond his comfort zone or area of expertise, that does not stop Shawn from volunteering for the position. He will research and invest as much time as needed to get the job done, with excellence. Shawn has demonstrated this type of dedication and focus when he volunteered to lead the Media Ministry. It was an area that was vacant and Shawn stepped up and got the job done. Many times if there was equipment that church needed, Shawn would purchase it (ex. projector, camera, computer, etc.). While being the main person for the Media Ministry, when needed he served as a backup in several other ministries: Armor Bearer, Security, Coffee Shop, even taught Youth on occasion.

Sincerely yours,
Robert N.

Since 1999 I have served in several areas, Christian Education Director, Minister of Music and now with my husband, we serve as Ministers over Pastoral Care.  During this time I have had the privilege of working with Shawn in several areas.  I have watched him grow and blossom into his calling and as a wonderful man of God.  With Shawn’s experience he is able to set a classroom atmosphere that enables people of all ages to share their thoughts and hearts.  Shawn is a wonderful communicatory and the students are able to easily understand and relate to his teaching.  It is obvious that Shawn has a genuine passion to see people learn and because of this the students are very responsive to his teaching style.  We are grateful that Shawn is sharing his experience and expertise with our Church and God’s people.  Besides being a wonderful teacher, he as also been part of many planning groups, and served in a number of other areas.  These have been a volunteer positions and Shawn has been very faithfully to serve in humbleness.  Shawn is tenderhearted and teachable.  It is a pleasure to know Shawn and be part of his life.


Brenda A.

To Whom it May Concern,

I met Shawn Decker in 2006 at a ministers’ consecration service at Rock Church in Virginia Beach, VA.  From our first encounter I knew that he was a person hungry for God and desired to be used by God.  Since that time we have stayed in touch and I have watched him grow into a business owner and a mighty man of God.

Shawn has spoken in several venues teaching on the Power of Value, a teaching he received from the Holy Spirit.  He is a bright and personable individual.  He is highly motivated and well capable of achieving any goal that is set before him.  His infectious personality is such that he can walk into a room full of stranger and everyone will fell as if they’ve known him for years.  This to me is the heart of a evangelist.  His candor is strength and an asset to the Body of Christ.

Rev. Stephanie Long-Scott

Ordained Minster

World Missions Ministry


March 3, 2018

Dear Shawn,

I just wanted to write you and tell you thank you. I was completely surprised when mom told me that you had sent me money for my player and for medical. I am very moved right now. I'm trying to find the words to say. Lol, it’s not often that Troy Bird struggles with words; I just don’t want to sound corny or insincere. For the first couple years that I was in here, it was hard, because it’s easier to work for what you needed, and you don't go asking for help. I HATE asking for help, but at some point, I realized that that is pride. I realized that it is the blessing and provision of God when he uses people to provide for the things I can't do myself. It’s been a Learning and growing experience. I just wanted to tell you thank you. God worked it where my player is good, and I had money on my books that was specifically for med bills. It’s funny how he did that. I battled the flu for 15 days, then in the middle of that I ended up dumping a large bowl of BOILING ramen noodle soup with refried beans on my hand and arm, ending up with 2nd degree burns. I never go to the doctor. I always try to muscle through. But I've gone to medical more in the last three weeks than the last four years combined. And partly it’s been because I had the knowledge that God had provided the money, IN ADVANCE, to cover all my medical expenses. That knowledge gave me the freedom to just go when I needed to, instead of debate weather I could afford the 7 or 10 bucks…which in here is a sizable amount when you don't have a job and have to live by what people send you. After I burned myself I started laughing on the way to Med at 10:30 at night. The C.O. thought I was a little off or something, but I just told her that it hit me that God had known in advance and prepared a way for me. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone to medical normally. I’d have sucked it up and just "dealt with it," but who knows what bad stuff could have come of that. I was already sick as a dog with the flu, so having a chunk of skin burnt and open to infection while my immune system was already overloaded…well, it may not have been good. God is awesome. I am so thankful for His amazing love and mercy. He's such a good, good father. I just wanted to make sure you knew that it meant a lot to me—that I don't take stuff like that lightly or for granted. I am so blessed with such an awesome mom, and supportive family. I am thankful too, that mom is able to work with and for you. When you prayed for me the other day, it really struck me as such an awesome thing to be able to pray with your mom and her boss. Thank you. I'm going to shut up now and let you go.

Thank you again. Be blessed. I'm adding you to my prayer wall.

Your Brother


Do you lack confidence in your possibilities for improvement?

You aren’t alone. The majority of my clients focus on where they are at the moment, with little to no experience. Even those who have defined what their victory “looks like” often can’t imagine themselves achieving the victory they value: the victory that will increase their success in business, relationships and in their personal lives.

Are you, like many of my clients, often distracted by the long and painful journey between the point of defining what you value to the point of attaining victory?

…or are you distracted by all the hard work that lies in between?

And yes, in between what you value and your victory is the Cross and that journey takes time and hard work!

If you are reading this right now, then you have also come to the conclusion that you need help, or focused, personalized teaching and professional coaching to put you on the path to victory.

The point of “Victory” is a turning point for my clients. You don’t have to be 100% perfect, but once you take the first step by seeking the help of a teacher with a proven track record, one who is a trained coach, you’ll be on your journey to being victorious.


How Can I Help You?

My goal is to assist you to achieve greatness in your business, relationships, spiritual and personal life. This will be achieved through the following services:

  • Business Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Ministering/Preaching
  • Teaching Materials:
    • Life-Changing Sermons
    • Podcast, Books,
    • CDs and DVDs.

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If you would like to know more about this ministry please let us know and we will be glad to answer as much as possible!

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