I use a variety of teaching materials to deliver instructions that will help my audience to move from value to victory. I use a range of tools such as…

  • Books
  • Audio/ podcast
  • CDs and DVDs

… to assist and support my audience to understand value and achieve success.

The flexibility in my teaching materials makes it possible to reach out to an audience with different learning styles. They provide additional representations of a topic being discussed so that you can easily apply the principles and attain the success you crave for. My goal is to help you increase success in your business, relationship and personal life.


The other day you told me to have a expectation on my time.  Today when I went into work, several people from work came up to me and asked to do several things for me, freeing up several hours today!

~ Sabrina

Shawn Decker is a man dedicated to God, family, and ministry. His life story and experiences allow him to analyze from a unique perspective and produce powerful resolutions. He is optimistic enough to sense potential and peace in the midst of a storm and realistic enough to instruct you how to avoid the storm all together using wisdom. He is a superb mentor and a great friend of unmeasurable value. A very knowledgeable and educated individual with the heart to impact lives and spread the gospel. He has helped me understand the value of giving and being a man of your word in every situation. If your looking for someone to buy into your sob story don't come to him.

~ Anonymous

Shawn has spoken in several venues teaching on The Power of Value, a teaching he received from the Holy Spirit.  He is a bright and personable individual.  He is highly motivated and well capable of achieving any goal that is set before him.  His infectious personality is such that he can walk into a room full of strangers and everyone will feel as if they've known him for years.  This to me is the heart of an evangelist.  His candor is a strength and an asset to the Body of Christ.

~ Rev. Stephanie

I have known Shawn for several years now and what I know about him is, what you see is what you get.  This is a good thing.  He doesn't try to be something he is not, his is very consistent, stable and level headed.  Shawn is an entrepreneur with a heart for the things of God, which is an awesome combination.  I think he knows what God has called him to do and his commentment, loyalty, and integrity are obvious to his church, business and friends.

~ Anonymous

I have known Shawn since 2007 and have been a witness to his diligence and ability to successfully complete tasks regardless of his opinion of the situation.  Shawn is dedicated to the calling on his life and faithful to his word.  He was readily available during the hard time when my husband was ill, visiting him and encouraging his faith.  I truly believe my husbands and my own life have been enriched from knowing Shawn.  Shawn has talked often of the desire to follow God and I think he will be a strong and compassionate minister of the gospel.

~ Sabrina

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