Our Values


Our Mission Statement:

Changing what you Value, thru Effective Strategies and Biblical Principles,

so you can be Victorious in Every Area of your Life!

  • The Cross is the Center - Between what you value and your victory is always the Cross!


  • What do you have? - God is a God of resources, but he is never a God of waste, the Bible says that He has given us all things. I believe that many times we just don't see what God has already given us, so we miss the miracle that He has available for us!


  • We are Sowers and because of this we have a Harvest! I believe in and have seen the 30-, 60- and 100-fold return in my life!  This principle works every time you put it into practice. So, if you don't like your harvest, you might want to check up on your seed!  

I think sometimes we reap things we don't want and blame God that sowing doesn't work, I have learned to Value every seed: seeds of kindness, mercy, gentleness, compassion, judgement, bitterness, hatred, love, diligence, laziness, relationships, friendships, etc.  Each and every one are seeds. What are you sowing today?  If you want a harvest every day, you have to sow a seed every day; but, you have to sow what you want to get the harvest you want!

    • What is True, How you know it is True, and What else is True! - Taking “part truth” and acting like it is a whole truth is a lie!  I have learned that most of the time when we are not successful in life, work, or business, is because we are taking a “part truth” and acting like there is nothing else to it.  Many times, people think you are contradicting yourself, when you are simply showing there is more to the story!  What is true (Value), how you know it is true (the Cross), and what else is true (this is your Victory)!  


    • Growing things Change and Changing things Grow! - Unless you have arrived at Christ-like perfection, you need to change—most likely, a lot!  If you are still the same in your life, relationships, marriage, or business as you were 1, 5 or even 10 years ago, are you growing?  Most likely not. So, let me help you to change so that you can grow and be all that you are destined to be and can be!